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UK Packaging Waste Regulations

UK Packaging Waste Regulations

The UK Packaging Waste Regulations affects businesses or groups of businesses which have an annual turnover of £2m and handle 50 tonnes of packaging per calendar year. Companies affected by the UKPackaging Waste Regulations will need to register with the Environment Agency (England and Wales), Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Scotland) or the Environment & Heritage Service (Northern Ireland).

The UK Packaging Waste Regultaions were created in 1997 when the UK Government decided that all parts of the packaging supply chain should contribute towards recovery and recycling targets aimed at collecting packaging waste entering the UK waste stream. The approach is called ‘shared producer responsibility’. Each sector has a percentage share of obligation.

 These are:-

Raw Material Manufacturer – 6%

Converter – 9%

Packer/Filler – 37%

Seller – 48%

 Companies can be responsible for more than one sector or activity within the supply chain. For example a company making a product to go in a steel drum. They will take the PACKER/FILLER when filling the drum and the SELLER if they sell to the end user.


Environment Agency (EA) Letter

If your company receive one of these letters from the Environment Agency and would like some independent and impartial advice on what to do next please Contact Outpace


WEEE Regulations

 In 2007 the WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) Directive was enforced in a bid to reduce the amount of WEEE being sent to landfill and to encourage businesses to Re-use, Recycle and Recover it. This regulation applies to Companies that produce and or Import EEE for sale in the UK that ultimately ends as WEEE.



 The Battery Regulations were implemented on 26th September 2008. New restrictions are now in place which are as follows:

Reasses the amount of Mercury and Cadmium used.

A ‘crossed out wheelie bin’ label needs to be displayed and symbols showing it contains lead, mercury or cadmium.

Manufacturers to design products so that batteries are easily removable from the product.

Companies directly affected by the law are ones that produce and/or import batteries for the sale in the UK.


Outpace can.........

 * Guide you through the complexities of the Packaging Waste Regulations, WEEE and Battery Regulations.

* Advise you which packaging your Company handles is obligated and opportunities for improvement that could lead to cost savings

* Take the responsiblity of verifying and submitting your packaging waste data to your desired compliance scheme.

* Benchmark compliance schemes

* Manage the data collection process

* Create specific databases of packaging weights.

* Provide you with up to the minute changes on the Packaging Waste Regulations, WEEE and Battery Regulations.

* Provide free initial assessment.


Perhaps a good start would be a free packaging regulations assessment?


Our aim is for your company to comply fully with the Packaging Waste Regulations .. but at least cost.


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Outpace would like to inform you that the new 2019 "Guide to Packaging Waste Regulations" has now been ratified, condensed and published for everyone to fully understand and comply with....

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