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Here are some kind words from some of our clients....


CastrolThank you for all that you do to make this process move increasingly smoothly each year!’ Castrol HSSE Manager - North Western Europe


One of our longest standing customers is BP; their Director for product Stewardship wrote us a letter saying:BP logo

 “We continue to be fully satisfied with your companies continued assistance to BP for meeting our packaging waste legal compliance in the UK. Our businesses appreciate your guidance and expert advice that enable them to handle their obligations in a cost effective and accurate manner. I can certainly recommend Outpace Ltd to any company that is looking for professional support in this field”


Another long standing customer is called Ardagh Metal Packaging; they are an American owned company who (as the name suggests) manufacture all forms of steel tins and containers for customers such as Heinz and Dulux. Impress Group LogoThey are a global company operating in over 88 sites around the world. Ardagh commented on Outpace, stating:

“Outpace have managed our annual submission under the Packaging waste regulations for many years and have always delivered a reliable and value added service. By using Outpace we know that Ardagh Metal Packaging will comply fully with the GB Packaging Waste Regulations and at least cost to the business”.





On behalf of the UK business I would like to thank you for the work that has gone into arriving at this position. It has been a long & difficult journey with much work being done outside “normal” working hours.

Commercial Data Manager – UK & Ireland




Outpace have assisted Middlesbrough Football Club in ensuring compliance with the Packaging Waste Regulations by providing support that has been both professional and efficient. 


Chief Operating Officer, Middlesbrough FC

Useful Links

Moving towards a circular economy....... The European Commission would like to establish a common and coherent EU Framework to promote circular economy, to read more on how they plan to do this, please click on the link below. http://ec.europa.eu/environment/circular-economy/


Comply Direct - Whether providing packaging compliance, WEEE compliance, batteries compliance, carbon/energy management or diverting packaging waste recyclables from landfill, Comply Direct are focused on providing high levels of service and generating value for their customers and suppliers.  They pride themselves on the fact that they have not lost a customer once they have come on board.


EA (Environment Agency) - These assist businesses with their duties to comply with Regulations effecting them. It also includes public registers and prosecutions re the packaging waste regulations. Link to the EA page


SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) - These are the Scottish equivalent to the EA. www.sepa.org.uk/


NIEA (Northern Ireland Environment Agency) - Previously known as the EHS, these are equivalent to the EA and SEPA. NI Environment Site/


BIS (Department for Business Innovation & Skills) - Previously known as DTI or BERR. They inform businesses of latest Government changes on all UK Regulations. Department for Business Innovation


DEFRA (Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs) - These provide useful information on legislation, regulation guidance, waste and recycling. DEFRA website


Recyclemore.co.uk - This site informs the public where they can recycle their waste products, from packaging to WEEE and batteries. This is an ideal link if businesses are included in the CIO (Consumer Information Obligation). www.recycle-more.co.uk/


WRAP (Waste Resources Action Programme) - WRAP helps individuals, businesses and local authorities to reduce waste and recycle more.www.wrap.org.uk/


Valpak - These are the UK`s leading compliance scheme for the packaging waste regulations. They are also involved with the WEEE and Battery Regs. www.valpak.co.uk


Toddpak - They offer a bespoke package on compliance and specialise in the UK Packaging Waste Regulations. www.fdtodd.co.uk


Wastepack - Currently with over 1000 compliance members there are committed to helping businesses who have to comply with the UK Packaging Waste Regulations and waste laws. www.wastepack.co.uk


Valpak DTS (Distributor Takeback Scheme) - This is WEEE`s only distributor takeback scheme in the UK and informs obligated businesses how to comply with the WEEE Regulations and register. www.valpak.co.uk/dts/


Carrierpac - Damage to kitchen worktops, panels, mirrors, radiators and other large flat valuable products is a serious problem costing businesses thousands of pounds. 
In most cases even the slightest damage to the product means that it has to be replaced which incurs significant extra costs to remove the damaged product, replace it and still keep the customer satisfied.
Carrierpac is the ideal packaging solution developed specifically to transport products that are expensive, difficult to handle, awkward to lift or prone to damage. Carrierpac Webpage


The Waste Hierarchy has come to the forefront again after the European Economic and Social Commitee (EESC) held a recent workshop on the Waste Framework Directive.  The main emphasis of the workshop was to demonstrate the importance of protecting human health and the environment by applying the Waste Hierarchy to Business strategy.  To learn more please click on the link below. For any assistance on how your Business could implement the Waste Hierarchy please dont hesitate to contact the Outpace team on info@outpace.co.uk. or visit letsrecycle.com


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